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(Love & Desire)

FROM: Virtues and Vices: 7 Pieces for SATB Chorus and Piano

VOICING: SATB, Soprano Solo, with Piano




TONE: longing




GENERAL: This work was commissioned by Sound Ecologies Inc. (Indiana 2024, Luke Garrigus, President). It premiered at Choral Reflections: Sacred Music by Indiana Composers at the University of Indianapolis, on March 7, 2024. (Recording Below)


TEXT: Elsa Gidlow (1898-1986)

Experience (Love & Desire) 


Now you are gone I kiss your dented pillow
And wonder if it hungers like my breast
For the dear head we both have held in rest.


I said once: Love alone cannot assuage
My thirst, my hunger, love has no reply
For that wild questioning, for this fierce cry.


I said: there is no kiss can feed me now.
Perhaps love is life’s flower: I seek the root.
Yea, I have loved and love is dead sea fruit.


Yet, I lie here and kiss your dented pillow,
A trembling girl who loves you overmuch––
A harp in anguish for the player’s touch.

Note from the Composer

“Experience” is the fifth movement of Virtues and Vices: 7 Pieces for SATB Chorus and Piano and it explores the virtue/vice of love/desire. This love ballad in ABA form features a tragically longing A section (desire) juxtaposing a soaring and passionate B section (love). Sopranos and altos establish tension with their close harmonies. Tenors and basses thicken and support the texture as the B section blossoms. The piano passionately churns throughout, setting the tone for each section.

Ordering Scores

This work is published as a digital score with a performance license. The cost is $3.00 per score, 10 copy minimum order. See "Virtues and Vices" to purchase the complete multi-movement work. 


To Order:

  • Click the link to email Daniel Watson Music LLC. 

  • Specify the total number of performers (include all singers, directors, pianists) and the name of your choir.

  • An invoice will be sent to you via PayPal requesting payment.  

  • Once payment is received, you will emailed the licensed PDF for the above number of copies within three business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

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