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Looking for regular music lessons? Preparing for an audition or performance?
Lessons & Coaching are offered for piano, voice, music theory, composition, or a hybrid of these skills. 
Meet the Artist

Daniel Watson is an experienced teacher and performer living in Central Indianapolis. He works as a high/middle school choir teacher, private teacher, performer (pianist & tenor), conductor, clinician, and composer. Watson is passionate about growing others’ love for music and learning.

Watson's Teaching Philosophy 

It is such a delight, joy, and beauty to experience music. Music is a part of our everyday life and culture (past, present, and future). Expression is a means of connecting to the world. Creativity is a part of our soul. I believe that any student, regardless of age, experience, or ability level, can grow in their appreciation, understanding, and application of music in an engaging and fulfilling way. Doing so enriches life, expands experiences, and connects one another. Music is a gift to be enjoyed and given! 


This studio is committed to developing a comprehensive, fulfilling, and healthy music education to inspire a life-long passion for music and learning while growing one’s musical independence. All lessons are custom designed to meet the specific needs of each student and their unique skills and challenges. Students can anticipate a professional and positive attitude in a nurturing and sensitive environment that promotes engaged learning. 


Using blended approaches of Experiential Learning Theory and Inquiry Based Instruction combined with quality literature and activities, students are set up for musical success that is enjoyable, satisfying, and fun!

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Jackson performing "Mirrors"

Photo by McIntyre Imaging 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

When can I start lessons?

  • Students can start lessons anytime with studio availability. It’s always a good time to be making music!

How do you teach those that learn differently than others?

  • Everyone learns a little bit differently than each other! Learning/teaching methods may include auditory, visual, tactile, behavioral, social, emotional, written, symbolic, metaphorical, artistic, scientific, etc. approaches. Students will work to achieve growth through best-practice teaching/learning methods appropriate for each student.

Will we play/sing “just boring classical music”? 

  • There are so many different genres and styles of music out there! We will use a combination of varying styles and genres in accordance with the student’s learning goals including but not limited to classical, musical theatre, jazz, and popular music. It is very important to me that we enjoy the learning process. There is ample quality music out there to make that happen!

Andrew & Morgan performing "One Normal Night"

Photo by McIntyre Imaging 

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