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"His enthusiasm and energy is contagious! He is passionate and extremely talented himself and has a way of passing that on to others! My son valued his relationship with Mr. Watson, who was an excellent mentor and encourager! My son learned to not be afraid to try new things, to be confident in himself, and to grow into untapped talents."

- Cheri, parent

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"Mr. Watson is unlike any other music teacher I’ve had before because he cares about the deeper meaning behind music and the beauty it can bring to the performer and those listening. All other teachers I’ve had have emphasized learning the right notes and the right rhythms only for the sake of being right. Mr. Watson teaches those things as well, but for the sake of creating something artistic and meaningful."


- Ellie, 18 | piano

"Mr. Watson is unique because his teaching style is uniquely tailored to each student based off of what they want to learn, their experiences, and learning style not just a standard curriculum. He lets students learn at their own pace but challenges them to move outside their comfort zone and achieve excellence. Not only is he involved in teaching, but he is personally invested in each student; he goes above and beyond to help each student grow and become a better person as well as musician."

- Mllie, 15 | piano, theory, composition


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"Taking music lessons has been valuable because he values more than mere technique alone. His emotional connection to music inspires me to first tell a story through music that's then amplified by proper technique and musicianship."

- Morgan, 21 | mezzo-soprano

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"I have grown so much. Mr. Watson truly was a life changing and exceptional teacher/mentor. He did a great job helping describe the vision of what we should be pushing for as an artist."

- Jackson, 20 | tenor, piano, theory

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"I have learned from Mr. Watson to be patient with learning, to be confident in my talent, and to find the pure beauty and enjoyment in music making. He knows exactly what I need personally in my growth as a singer and player."

- Zach, 17 | tenor, piano, theory, composition

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"Mr. Watson is truly, one of a kind. You will be hard pressed to find instruction as inspirational, effectively executed, and as well designed as Mr. Watson’s. He does an exceptional job of fostering both passion for music and technical growth. He challenges his students to continue to evolve as musicians while inspiring their passion for the arts."


- Denise, parent

"With every individual lesson, I am growing and learning very much. I enjoy working with Mr. Watson because he is kind, understanding, he is a great teacher, and he makes everything that I don't understand comprehendible. He's really devoted to helping you grow and learn even when you struggle and think you can't. I learn so much from him and he is so fun to be around."

- Amber, 13 | mezzo-soprano


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"I enjoy working with Mr. Watson because he is very engaging and knows how to verbalize the execution of various techniques in an effective manner. He also has very good time management abilities so I always get the most out of each lesson."

Brooklyn, 16 | soprano

"There are so many things in life that take away your spirit and strength. Music is something that one can always fall back to for support and creative energy and expression. My son has learned technical aspects of music, but more importantly, he learned about passion and how music can be both fun and expressive an outlet. Mr. Watson was made to be a teacher."

- Eddie, parent & musician


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