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What Do I Love?

VOICING: SATB a cappella




TONE: contemplative




GENERAL: Written for and premiered by the Indiana Ambassadors of Music, European Concert Tour 2023


TEXT: ​Based on Confessions (Book 10, Chapter 6) by Saint Augustine (400 A.D)


What Do I Love? 


Consider the lilies in winter, 

Or when the oak trees long ago

Were planted with patience in plans that we would wait

For far more than beauty to grow. 


When trying to hold out through the weather 

And spells of silence move so slow, 

Remember that anything you want that is worthwhile

Can take a little time to grow. 


Storms will come and sharp winds blow.

Rain comes crashing and never seems to go.

Floods rush swiftly to the valley's end 

And all this makes our nature so. 

Note from the Composer

In the Bates-Hendricks neighborhood of Indianapolis, Indiana, there is a quiet residential street with a wide median full of colorful foliage and a stepping stone path. In the middle of the median sits a very small wooden shelter with a small vaulted ceiling and steeple. Within this open-air structure resides a community piano, which is set out by a neighbor during the spring and summer months for all to enjoy. A local sanctuary. This is where I wrote “What Do I Love?”.

The natural world offers vibrant and transformative experiences, all of which are experienced through the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Theologian and philosopher Augustine of Hippo (Saint Augustine) explores the sequence of the senses in Book 10, Chapter 6 of his autobiographical work, Confessions (400 A.D.), one of the great masterpieces of Western literature. Man explores the natural world through sense and is drawn to beauty, joy, and truth. Augustine believed that these natural joys are reflections of the Divine.

“What Do I Love?” is dedicated to all the musicians and travelers on the Indiana Ambassadors of Music 2023 Concert Tour, featuring performances in sanctuaries within the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

Ordering Scores

This work is published as a digital score with a performance license. The cost is $3.00 per score, 10 copy minimum order. 


To Order:

  • Click the link to email Daniel Watson Music LLC. 

  • Specify the total number of performers (include all singers, directors, pianists) and the name of your choir.

  • An invoice will be sent to you via PayPal requesting payment.  

  • Once payment is received, you will emailed the licensed PDF for the above number of copies within three business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

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