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Stop Me!

(Patience & Wrath)

FROM: Virtues and Vices: 7 Pieces for SATB Chorus and Piano

VOICING: SATBB, Soprano Solo, with Piano




TONE: angry and afraid




GENERAL: This work was commissioned by Sound Ecologies Inc. (Indiana 2024, Luke Garrigus, President). It premiered at Choral Reflections: Sacred Music by Indiana Composers at the University of Indianapolis, on March 7, 2024. (Recording Below)


TEXT: Amos Russel Wells (1862-1933)

Stop Me! (Patience & Wrath)

Stop me, good people! Don’t you see

My temper is running away with me?

Help, Master Commonsense! Are you afraid?

Good Mistress Prudence, come to my aid!

Stop me, Conscience! Stop me, I pray!

My temper, my temper is running away!

Dear Brother Kindness, snatch after the reins!

Help or my temper will dash out my brains!

Help or I’ll get a terrible fall!

Help, Shame, Caution, Love, Wisdom, and all!

Note from the Composer

“Stop Me!” is the third movement of Virtues and Vices: 7 Pieces for SATB Chorus and Piano and it explores the virtue/vice of patience/wrath. This fiery, fast, and flourishing piece packs a big punch for its short length. Changing meters, dissonant parallels, and heavy accents evoke an angry intensity throughout. This piece bubbles with rage from beginning to end and it is quite the show-stopper! The B section defuses the tension by layering voices one by one before exploding with wrath. Significant piano doubling aids the voices, allowing this piece to be a fast and loud favorite!

Ordering Scores

This work is published as a digital score with a performance license. The cost is $3.00 per score, 10 copy minimum order. See "Virtues and Vices" to purchase the complete multi-movement work. 


To Order:

  • Click the link to email Daniel Watson Music LLC. 

  • Specify the total number of performers (include all singers, directors, pianists) and the name of your choir.

  • An invoice will be sent to you via PayPal requesting payment.  

  • Once payment is received, you will emailed the licensed PDF for the above number of copies within three business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

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